A library for playing a wide variety of audio formats used in video games.

Includes software for:


Build instructions

Build instructions are available here.

Download, installation and usage instructions

Download the latest test builds for Windows Download the dependencies for Windows (not needed for foobar2000)


From the link above, download foo_input_vgmstream.fb2k-component. It is also available on the foobar2000 components repository.
When opened, foobar2000 should open and install it; the component bundle contains the dependencies.

A known quirk is that when loop options or tags change, playlist won't refresh automatically. You need to manually refresh it by selecting songs and doing shift + right click > Tagging > Reload info from file(s).

For the rest below, download and the dependencies.


Drop the in_vgmstream.dll file and the dependencies in your Winamp plugins directory.


Put the xmp-vgmstream.dll file and the dependencies in your XMPlay plugins directory. Note that this has less features compared to the Winamp plugin and has no configuration. Since XMPlay supports Winamp plugins you may also use in_vgmstream.dll instead.


The Audacious plugin needs to be manually built.

If, by the way, you use Arch Linux, there is an AUR package, vgmstream-kode54-git, waiting for you. It will even install Audacious for you!

Command line

More information is available in the README document.